1. Subscribers are advised to remove all personal items and belongings from their vehicles prior to leaving their vehicle for detailing. We will not be responsible for any loss.

2. Any complaints on the detailing service should be brought to the attention of our Operations Manager prior to the deliver of your vehicle.

3. We shall not be held responsbile for any loss or damage sustained while the vehicle is being stored at our premises after the completion of detailing.

4. Receipts are only valid if it is printed on the Company's official receipt form and duly signed by an official of the Company.

5. Vehicles not collected within the same day as the date and time of completion of detailing will be subjected to a storage charge of RM 20.00 per day.

6. Appointments are recommended to be made for any detailing session. Cases without appointments are subject to availabilty.

7. Subscription is only valid according to the vehicle care packages with effect from the date of subscription acceptance.

8. For any change in registered vehicle during the subscription period, a transfer fee of RM150 to replace the registered vehicle will be imposed.

9. Subscribers are advised to display their subscription vehicle decal during each detailing session.

10. For loss of subscription vehicle decal, a surcharge fee of RM 10 will be imposed.

11. A non-withdrawal policy will be implemented upon subscription confirmation.

12. Titanium wax will be used on all SUV & MPV regardless of the type of wax subscribed by customer.