If you would like your car to be polished and waxed only, the following steps which corresponds with a full detailing session will be taken:

Step 5: Polish

If you notice some swirl marks, fine lines or scratches on your car, our 3-step polishing will be able to remove the lines and smoothen out the surface. Polishing is only recommended when necessary.

3-step polishing using the rotary buffer:

Step 1: Remove or reduce heavy oxidation,bird droppings and tree sap stains,over spray and acid rain stains and other severe marring.
Step 2: Remove moderate swirl marks and hair line scratches and brings out gloss.
Step 3: Removes holograms and finer swirl marks. Makes clear coat look fresh and new.

Restoration level is limited on paint surfaces up to topcoat layer only.

Step 6: Pre Wax Treatment

Removes polish excesses near edges and badges. Crucially it encourages of helps zymol waxes and glazes to bond on to clear coat.

Step 7: Wax

This is to protect the polish and surface from acidic substances such as bird droppings and rain. Wax will also protect your car from blazing sun and prevent oxidation.

There is a wide range of waxes with Carnauba content for all type of cars. All these waxes with Carnauba are specially formulated to protect your car paintwork. The final finishing produces an ultra brilliant and durable sheen.

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