Zymöl Field Glaze™

Field Glaze was developed for those times when your car needs a quick complete waxing, a touch-up between regular major waxing or a simple way to remove fingerprints and road debris from your daily driver or show car. Field Glaze is quick and easy to use and provides brilliant "just-waxed" results without alcohol or silicone.

Hand-Crafted Waxes

Zymöl waxes are actually "zymes" that turn into wax when exposed to air during application on your paint surface. Creame Wax, for light-coloured cars, contains 33% Brazilian No. 1 Yellow Carnauba by volume. Carbon Wax is for dark cars. Zymöl Saab and Volvo waxes are made for specific automotive marquees. And Japon for Japanese cars contain 37% Carnauba by volume. See below to select the proper wax for your needs.

HCW Creame

This wax is recommended for the following paint colours

HCW Carbon

This wax is recommended for the following paint colours

HCW Japon

This wax is recommended for the following paint colours


This wax is recommended for the following paint colours

HCW Volvo

This wax is recommended for the following paint colours

Zymöl Detail ™ Aerodynamic Wax

Aerodynamic body components such as bumpers, air dams and wings are made of fibreglass, PVC, polypropylene, polyurethane and ABS. The painting process on these parts requires paint with a vinyl base for flexibility (a "flex agent"). Solvent and alcohol-based treatments cause the paint to lose this flex agent and become brittle. Zymöl Detail is an oil-rich feeding product that restores original moisture and seals the paint with a hard-cured finish.

Zymöl Leather Conditioner

Sunlight, heat and everyday use will permanently damage the delicate finish of your leather upholstery. The denaturing process of leather tanning removes precious moisture residing in the hide. Introducing solvent-based conditioners accelerates ageing in leather upholstery and trim. Zymöl Treat Leather Conditioner is a solvent-free, banana-oil and collagen-based feeding product that releases trapped solvents and restores moisture to keep your leather looking, feeling, and smelling like new.

Zymöl Vinyl™ Vinyl Conditioner

Heat, cold, washing and exposure to solvent-based cleaners and run-of-the-mill treatments damage the finish of your vinyl upholstery and vinyl trim. Some vinyl manufacturing methods use formaldehyde as a base. Introducing solvent- or formaldehyde-based treatments can accelerate vinyl deterioration by changing the original chemical balance. Zymöl Vinyl Conditioner is a solvent-free, formaldehyde-free, oil-based feeding product that releases solvents and restores moisture.

Zymöl Seal™ Preservative for Rubber Seals

Soft seals, those around doors, hoods and trunk lids, present a number of problems. They are constantly being flexed and crushed while being subjected to hostile environments. Zymöl Seal is derived from glycerine, a natural plant anti-oxidising agent. Seal notably prolongs the life of rubber seals by releasing trapped solvents and restoring original moisture.

Wax Applicators

The right applicators are as important as the right tools. Our applicators were designed and manufactured to perform specific tasks. The hand-pressed foam over no-silicone foam Wax Applicator pad is your assurance of an even coat of Zymöl Hand-Crafted Wax, every time.

Estate Glazes

Zymöl Estate Glazes provide unrivalled protection to your wheels. They contain the highest level of Brazilian Carnauba wax amongst products designed to protect automotive finishes. Detailing with Zymöl Estate Glazes is bound to return your wheels to its gleaming glory.

This glazes are suitable for the following paint colours


The brilliant finish on a Porsche has very special needs that are now answered with Zymöl Glasur. It is specially formulated to protect and enhance a Prosche’s rock hard paint finish of German fame. Developed in cooperation with the Porsche Club of America, and critically tested at Porsche Club Concours worldwide. Glasur Glaze, with 56% Brazilian Yellow Carnauba, provides the distinction of image and jetness of colour found in the original paintwork from the Porsche factory.

Zymöl Ital™

Ital Glaze is specially formulated to protect and enhance the relatively soft paint finish of Italian cars. Developed in cooperation with Ferrari North America, Ferrari Italy and Pininfarina, Ital Glaze provides a clarity and depth of colour generally not found in the original paintwork. Ital Glaze contains a high percentage of Brazilian No. 1 White and Yellow Carnauba by volume (90% Yellow, 10% White).

Zymöl Concours™

Originally designed by and for the founders of Zymöl for their own cars, Concours Glaze is perfect for those who demands a "show-car" gloss and depth of shine. Concours contains 47 percent Brazilian No. 1 White and Yellow Carnauba by volume (90% White, 10% Yellow).

Zymöl Estate Glazes: Destiny™

Destiny Glaze is based on a formula first used on the 1930 Duesenberg "J" Murphy Convertible Sedan owned by Bruce Meyer and shown at the renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Destiny contains almond, coconut, banana and sunflower oils, as well as 51% Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba by volume.

Zymöl Vintage™

Vintage Glaze is based on a custom formula developed for the 1947 Bentley Mark VI Cabriolet by Franay, winner of several "Best of Shows" in its debut year on the Concours circuit. Among the protective ingredients in Vintage are evergreen, honeydew, coconut, cantaloupe and sunflower oils. Vintage contains 61% Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba by volume, the highest in any product designed to protect automotive finishes.

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