Whether you' re looking for a subscribers package with prepaid detailing session along with our subscribers rewards and privileges or a one-off detailing service, this section will help you make the right choices. Remember, the longer you stay with us, The more privileges you enjoy.

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Intimate Care Package

The plan consists of 3 prepaid Autospa Prestige detailing sessions. No expiry date. Rates start from RM1,520. It is suitable for owners who wish to register one vehicle.

Car Type/Wax > 30% Carnauba Wax > 45% Carnauba Wax > 50% Carnauba Wax > 50% Carnauba Wax
Compact RM 1520 RM 1630 RM 1785 N / A
Medium RM 1650 RM 1770 RM 1950 N / A
Large RM 1900 RM 2050 RM 2260 N / A
SUV & MPV N / A N / A N / A RM 1900

Intense Care Package

This plan allows fleet owners to register up to maximum 5 cars per package per owner or corporation. No expiry date. Rates start from RM 2,750 for 5 detailing sessions using Carnauba waxes. You may have a combination of vehicle category.

Wax Type > 30% Carnauba Wax > 45% Carnauba Wax > 50% Carnauba Wax
  RM 2750 RM 2850 RM 3250

Passionate Care Package

This package is an annual plan which provides you access to the premium wax:> 60% Carnauba wax. Annual subscription fee starts from RM 2,000. Each full detailing session will be chargeable at RM 255, wash and waxing only at RM 165. Targeted for owners who want frequent pampering with nothing but the best wax for their cars.

Car Type Compact Medium Large SUV & MPV
Annual Fee RM 2000 RM 2250 RM 2950 RM 2950

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