As a professional detailing centre, here's what you can expect from us at Carnauba Autospa:

Premium products
We use only premium range of car care products, giving your car that remarkable sheen. You will notice the difference immediately.

Meticulous care
We use only purified water from a high-end purification system so that each drop of water that comes in contact with surface of your car is free from harsh deposit that can damage paintwork. 100% cotton towels ensure that there are no fabric fibre scratches.

Pampering you deserve
While waiting for your car to be detailed, we offer various entertainment and relaxation facilities just for you.

Space for thorough detailing
Our detailing centre is designed with space in mind. The ample space in our washing bays, polishing bays, detailing bays and parking spots ensures a job well done.

We make sure that our detailing centre is well kept so that its appearance complements the cleanliness of your car, while providing you comfort and peace of mind.

The centre offers you and your car adequate insurance coverage in the event of fire or burglary. In addition, a comprehensive Public Liability and All Risks Policy is also in place for any eventuality.

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