If you would like to groom the interior of your car only, the following step which corresponds with a full detailing session will be taken:

Step 8: Interior and overall grooming

We detail the leather seats by cleaning and making it soft and supple. Seats will not be slippery after grooming. Leather Cleaners are used to remove dirt, stains, spur marks, food stains and oil.

Leather Conditioners are feeding products which restores moisture to keep leather looking, feeling and smelling like new. It is applied evenly with a damp cloth, wiped in one direction only and buffed gently until satin shine.

Steam Fabrique Cleaner is used together with Fabrique Cleaner Liquids to remove foreign matters and oils from fabrique seats and carpets and cabriolet tops without disturbing the inherent properties of the materials and wiped to a soft, moist and supple finish.

Remember those irritating stains (water marks, bug stains, tar, acid rain, water spots etc) that you can’t get rid off? With our range of Cleaning products, most of the stains will be able to be removed and minimized.

Vinyl Conditioners are used to restores moisture to all vinyl and plastic components, shields against exposure to sunlight and prevents dust from settling.

For the doors, hood and trunk lid seals, Seal, A Soft Seal Conditioner shall prolong the life of rubber seals.

A Glass Cleaner is used to clean glass against dirt, acid rain fall out, oils and other pollutants.

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