To further enhance the appearance of your car, we also offer this service:

Other Services - Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

This process will remove dents ranging from 2-3 inches from your car within 10-30 minutes. Some dents may even go unnoticed afterwards.

How do we do it?
Using specifically designated tools, we apply pressure on the opposite site of the dent. In order to remove a dent, the damaged metal must be worked from behind, pushing the metal back to its original shape.

Special tools are used to push certain points under the dent and compress back the metal to its original shape without creating any damage to the paint. However, this is only applicable on cars with original paint.

What are the advantages?
1. No re-painting required.
2. Cost saving from conventional body repair.
3. Same day service, however advance booking is advisable
4. Free from worries of paint overspray, incorrect colour, damages etc.
5. Vehicles retain original paint, higher resell value.

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Other Services - Spray Painting & Knocking

1. Whole body or panel re-spray
2. Able to match color by paint code and fuel lid cover
3. 6 months warranty

Other Services - Head Lamp Restoration

1. Able to remove up to 80% of discoloration
2. Works especially well on Kia Spectra, Sephia and Mercedes Benz E-Class models
3. Only exterior surface is polished

Other Services - Windshield Repair

1. Able to repair stone crack or bull's eye cracks up to 1 inch in diameter
2. Cracks are sealed with chemical based sealant
3. Improvement up to 90% depending on severity of crack
4. Long cracks up to 10 inches can be repaired as to stop crack

Other Services - Interior Restoration

1. Includes leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces
2. Able to achieve perfect match with original color

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