CARNAUBA AUTOSPA Sdn. Bhd. begin operations in the year 2003, located in Glenmarie at No. 34, Jalan Pemberita U1/49, Seksyen U1, Temasya Industrial Park, Glenmarie, 40150 Shah Alam (HQ) and in January 2006 operations started in the city of Kuala Lumpur with the opening of our 2nd outlet at No. 53, Jalan Tun Razak, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. In July 2007, we ventured into Yard Management services. We are leader in Auto Logistic Management. We specialize in new vehicle preparations, storage and enhancement. Provide services to vehicle manufacturers and auto logistic companies managing the complex finished vehicle logistics processes through which all vehicles pass.

1. In coming vehicle QC
  • All vehicles driven into the hub are bar coded and scanned for stock keeping, tracking and billing purposes.
  • All vehicles are checked for QC compliances and noted for any discrepancies using the state of art Hand Held Devices.
  • Vehicles with defects are moved to the sick bay for further evaluations and joint inspections with the vendors to decide to either buy-off the defect, sent the vehicle for repair or return to the manufacturer.
2. FPR inspections and buy-off
  • Imported CBU cars are first parked at West Ports or North Port, Port Klang before being transferred to the Hub.
  • Upon arrival of Vehicle QC activity need to be carried out at the First Point of Rest [FPR]
  • All vehicles are checked for QC compliances and noted for any discrepancies using the state of art Hand Held devices.
  • Vehicle with defect are duly noted and reported to the vendor for purposes of repair, return or claims from the respective vehicle exporting manufacturers.
3. Parking allocations and managements.
  • Upon scanning and performing the QC activities the system will automatically assign a parking lot for storing the vehicles.
  • The parking area in the yard can be automatically segmented to manage vehicle storage either by batch, model or vendors and ect.
  • In case of heavy volume the program can automatically be preset to different parking configuration in order to maximize the storage capacity.
4. Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance.
  • The maintenance module in the Vehicle managements program can be set up to schedules for the maintenance of items specified by the vendors.
  • The Maintenance team will be triggered via the Hand Held Computer when a maintenance task is due.
  • Maintenance records are maintained for future records and published in the net for the vendors to view.
5. Vehicle up keeping.
  • Depending on the conditions vehicle are selected periodically for wash to reduce the effect of water marks
6. Maintenance of long storage units.
  • Parking vehicle for long periods of time can cause deposits of dust, rain and acid rain.
  • Long storage vehicles are identified and coated with protective wax to protect the paint surfaces.
  • Depending on the requirements these units are washed, polished [both paint and glass] and waxed before delivery to the outlets.
7. Allocation support and sequencing for delivery.
  • Allocation plan from customer will either be sent via email or transmitted directly into the Hub management system.
  • The system will automatically provide a release request with information on the locations of the vehicles.
  • The Pullers will locate and transfer the vehicles to the washing bay for onward wash and staging and QC out for truckers.
8. PDI services.
  • PDI facility are available at the GIGA Car Terminal, West Ports
  • Partial PDI are being carried out at the GIGA Car Terminal for selected vendors.
  • PDI are done as per list of check points provided by the vendor/customers.
9. Accessory fitments.
  • Full Accessory fitment facilities are available at the Car Terminal, West Ports.
  • We carry out some accessory fitment at the Car Terminal, West Ports.
10. Vehicle de-waxing, washing/pre-delivery detailing.
  • Import cars would either be protected with wrap guard or shipping wax.
  • Before PDI we carry out removal of wrap guards and glue as well as de-waxing activities.
  • Pre delivery detailing for a nominal fee also being carried out. Jobs done are wash/vacuum, polish and wax.
11. Vehicle Delivery Managements.
  • All cars pulled out and washed are tracked via system.
  • The Hub management system would automatically plan loads as per allocation plan provided by the customer.
  • In Nexus case the system will link with the nexus system and interface with the their load planning module.
  • All vehicles loaded are performed QC and scanned-out using the Hand Held Devices.

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