CARNAUBA AUTOSPA Sdn. Bhd. is a leading provider for auto logistic management to the automotive industry. We specialize in new vehicle preparations, storage and enhancement. The Company provides services to vehicle manufacturers and auto logistic companies managing the complex finished vehicle logistics processes through which all vehicles pass.

  • Preparation and Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) of new vehicles at source allows vehicle manufacturers to effectively control the quality of their product, better service their fleet customers and improve efficiencies for their dealer networks.
  • Vehicle manufacturers spend large resources and effort in ensuring the quality of their products will satisfy their clients.
  • Quality of the vehicle is outside of their direct control. It remains still under the manufacturer’s responsibility.
  • The assurance that the quality of their products will not be affected during transportation and throughout the storage in ports and stockyards.
  • Consistent survey standard to verify vehicle condition at every logistic step where there is an overlap of responsibility is vital.
  • Carnauba Autospa, objectively verifies the condition of the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Carnauba Autospa’s ultimate goal is to continuously improve the vehicle management process.
  • The inspection process is one of the key tools to be used in reaching this goal.
  • All Carnauba Autospa's survey officers would closely cooperate in analyzing damage in feed-back and in damage prevention at all stages of the operation.
Truck Delivery Automobile Carriers (RO/RO) Land & Sea Transportation Surveys

All Vehicles are surveyed with regards to their condition at every point of a pre loading truck and a post discharge, at port terminals and stockyards. Pre-load and Post-Discharge Inspections of vehicles and RO/RO cargo as regards to condition and equipment. Loading and Discharge Supervisions on board of Ro/Ro carriers as regards to storage and cargo securing comprise in:

  • An external survey of each and every car for impact damage and/or deficiencies caused during previous transportation or any damage which could possible and subsequently be classified as caused by transport impact.
  • An internal inspection of each and every car with regards of breakage and/or theft of items fitted to the car as well as any type of considerable contamination of floors, upholstery, or lining.
  • The pre-load inspection performance and intensity will be governed by the relevant Sea Carrier inspection and handling guidelines, as far as available and applicable. If such guidelines are not available, it is recommended to use the current Carnauba Autospa guidelines, which are accepted by many car manufacturers.
  • The post-discharge surveyors at discharging ports are inspecting all vehicles again very shortly after discharge at the FPR. All FPR (First Point of Rest) damage findings will be categorized into pre-loading damage, stevedore damage, marine transport damage, manufacturing damage and others, if any. Thus the damage review and claim settling will be made very easy and efficient.
  • During loading and discharge operations, Carnauba Autospa provides surveyors at the driver exchange expected to be close to vessel’s ramp. Whenever damage to any vehicle is cause during handling, a detailed survey report will be performed at time and place of incident. For further forms, details and specific instructions on each and every step of this survey operation; Carnauba Autospa will provide instructions, samples, specifications and forms as per Sea Carrier special requirements.
Technology and Reporting

Inspection performances are supported by the most modern computer technology and hand-held computers. Electronic data processing and Electronic Data Transfer permit the production and transfer of hundreds of individual reports within hours of the vehicle manufacturers and automobile carrier’s departure to any customer.

Our technology:

  • Portable hand-held devices to conduct the inspections and capture vehicle information
  • Digital photography of vehicle damages Electronic transfer of information (EDI, EDT and Internet)
  • Graphic QC program for instant noting of the QC.

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